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From Dan Adams <>
Subject mod_jk and url encoding
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 19:35:11 GMT
Okay, i'm using tomcat 5.5 and mod_jk with apache 2. It looks like I've
got jk set up okay for the most part. I'm able to use the site as I did
before switching to mod_jk except for one thing. When I try to access
the following url I got a 404 from apache and tomcat never gets a chance
to touch the url (I have a request dump valve in there dumping all


now the problem is the %2F. If I replace that with a / like this it
works fine:


I even tried adding JkOptions +ForwardUIREscaped to my httpd.conf with
no luck. Any ideas on why this is not making it to tomcat when %2F is
used?? I am really befuddled with this one.

Dan Adams
Software Engineer
Interactive Factory

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