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From Olve Hansen <>
Subject Re: session replication errors
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 13:15:35 GMT
lør, 12,.11.2005 kl. 13.43 +0100, skrev Peter Rossbach:
> Hey Olve,
> I found a bug inside pushMessage and I hopefully fix it. Please checkout 
> the tomcat svn head,
> build a tomcat,  made a test and report the results
> Many thanks that you report the problem,
> Peter

Hi, and thanks for trying to fix the problem. Dunno if it is fixed yet
for the following reason(s):

On trying to build I am encountering problems. There is no documentation
on how to build from svn. I have a working build folder using the docs
But I dont see your changes in after CVS update.

If I checkout the SVN I see your
changes, I am unable to build with the supplied build.xml

When trying the build.xml from SVN (above) I can see from the output
that a lot of properties is not set, but I am not sure where to set them
and what values to set them to. as all property file imports in the
build.xml files are commented out. No default/sample configuration is
given either.

It seems to me that the docs on how to build tomcat is rather out of
Hopefully someone can give me (and others in need) instructions on how
to build tomcat using the SVN repositories.

The build fails in the following way:

olve@olve:~/utvikling/svn-tomcat/tc5.5.x $ ant
Buildfile: build.xml



     [echo] Target: Catalina - Deploy ...


     [echo] --- Build environment for Catalina ---
     [echo] If ${property_name} is displayed, then the property is not
     [echo] --- Build options ---
     [echo] full.dist=${full.dist}
     [echo] build.sysclasspath=${build.sysclasspath}
     [echo] compile.debug=${compile.debug}
     [echo] compile.deprecation=${compile.deprecation}
     [echo] compile.optimize=${compile.optimize}
     [echo] --- Ant Flags ---
     [echo] <style> task available (required)=true
     [echo] --- JDK ---
     [echo] jdk.1.2.present=true
     [echo] jdk.1.3.present=true
     [echo] jdk.1.4.present=true
     [echo] --- Source Dependencies ---
     [echo] jtc.home.present=${jtc.home.present}
     [echo] --- Required Libraries ---
     [echo] beanutils.present=${beanutils.present}
     [echo] collections.present=${collections.present}
     [echo] digester.present=${digester.present}
     [echo] jaxp.present=true
     [echo] jndi.present=true
     [echo] logging.present=${logging.present}
     [echo] regexp.present=${regexp.present}
     [echo] --- Optional Libraries ---
     [echo] dbcp.present=${dbcp.present}
     [echo] fileupload.present=${fileupload.present}
     [echo] jaas.present=true
     [echo] javamail.present=${javamail.present}
     [echo] jmx.present=true
     [echo] jsse.present=true
     [echo] jta.present=${jta.present}
     [echo] junit.present=true
     [echo] lang.present=${lang.present}
     [echo] launcher.present=${launcher.present}
     [echo] launcher.bootstrap.present=${launcher.bootstrap.present}
     [echo] ldap.present=true
     [echo] modeler.present=${modeler.present}
     [echo] pool.present=${pool.present}
     [echo] --- Required JARs ---
     [echo] jndi.jar.present(except JDK 1.3+)=${jndi.jar.present}
     [echo] regexp.jar.present=${regexp.jar.present}
     [echo] servlet-api.jar.present=${servlet-api.jar.present}
     [echo] xerces2.jars.present(except JDK 1.4+)=
     [echo] --- Optional JARs ---
     [echo] dbcp.jar.present=${dbcp.jar.present}
     [echo] fileupload.jar.present=${fileupload.jar.present}
     [echo] jaas.jar.present=${jaas.jar.present}
     [echo] javamail.jar.present=${javamail.jar.present}
     [echo] jmx.jar.present=${jmx.jar.present}
     [echo] jta.jar.present=${jta.jar.present}
     [echo] junit.jar.present=${junit.jar.present}
     [echo] modeler.jar.present=${modeler.jar.present}
     [echo] pool.jar.present=${pool.jar.present}
     [echo] --- Conditional compilation flags ---
     [echo] compile.dbcp=${compile.dbcp}
     [echo] compile.jaas=true
     [echo] compile.javamail=${compile.javamail}
     [echo] compile.jmx=${compile.jmx}
     [echo] compile.jndi=true
     [echo] compile.jsse=true
     [echo] compile.jta=${compile.jta}
     [echo] compile.junit=true
     [echo] compile.ldap=true
     [echo] compile.ssi=true
     [echo] --- Distribution flags ---
     [echo] copy.dbcp.jar=${copy.dbcp.jar}
     [echo] copy.jmx.jar=${copy.jmx.jar}
     [echo] copy.launcher.jars=${copy.launcher.jars}
     [echo] copy.logging.jar=${copy.logging.jar}
     [echo] copy.modeler.jar=${copy.modeler.jar}
     [echo] copy.pool.jar=${copy.pool.jar}






/home/olve/utvikling/svn-tomcat/tc5.5.x/build.xml:45: The following
error occurred while executing this line:
/home/olve/utvikling/svn-tomcat/tc5.5.x/catalina/build.xml:547: Warning:
Could not find
file /home/olve/utvikling/svn-tomcat/tc5.5.x/catalina/${commons-logging-api.jar} to copy.

Total time: 1 second
olve@olve:~/utvikling/svn-tomcat/tc5.5.x $

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