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From "Bob Bronson" <>
Subject xmlValidation is Broken (and Undocumented) in TC 5.5.12
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 04:35:52 GMT
Hi All,

Just a word of warning...apparently the sloppy Tomcat programmers did 
not thoroughly test TC 5.5.12.

The <Host> element has an attribute, "xmlValidation". In the default 
server.xml that's distributed with TC this value is set to false. If 
you set it to "true" you will see a boatload of very nice, completely 
unfriendly stack traces. Thank you, lazy Tomcat developers. I set this 
attribute to "true" on my own web app, hoping to validate my simple 
web.xml, and I received the same stack trace.

It's bad enough that this feature was not tested before TC 5.5.12 was 
released, but why couldn't the TC programmers give nice, easy to read 
error messages instead of an ugly stack trace? Lazy programmers with no 
regard for user friendly messages, that's why.

Oh BTW, if you are wondering what the "xmlValidation" attribute is for 
don't bother looking at the TC documentation 
( It seems 
the Tomcat programmers did bother to update the documentation. It still 
the same crappy, incomplete documentation we've been living with for so 
many years.

Personally, I am getting really sick of the sloppiness of the Tomcat 
programmers. It's not just this 'xmlValidation' issue but several 
others over the past years. Additionally, I'm fed up with their snotty, 
arrogant attitudes.

When someone criticizes the poor state of an open sores project (as I 
am doing now), the typical response from the open sores programmer is 
to shift responsibility to the user -- the user is often told to dig 
through the change logs or browse the forum archives or even to fix the 
bug/documentation themselves instead of "useless complaining". What an 
unprofessional, lazy attitude from programmers! The open sores 
programmers try to cast *their* laziness as the user's laziness for 
"not digging deeply enough" to resolve their own problem, or even 
fixing the problem themselves by going into the source code.

Yes, yes, I know Tomcat is "not for me". You're right. Good bye Tomcat, 
hello Jetty. I dobt Jetty could be worse.

Bob Bronson 

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