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From digby <>
Subject Re: My first Aproach
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 18:17:39 GMT
I would download and install Netbeans 4.1 ( and 
create a web project, which will create all the required files and 
folders for you to start a new project that you can deploy to Tomcat. It 
will even run your application in its own version of Tomcat so you can 
debug it and make changes on the fly.

Once you're happy with your application and understand what's going on a 
bit more, you can move it over to your other Tomcat server using the 
deployment instructions on

Oh, and wait for a while before you get into EJBs. Tomcat doesn't 
support them and they wil definitely be more than you need for a while. 
Stick to JSPs and servlets an you'll be fine (although you might want to 
move onto Struts, Hibernate and Spring soon).


PS - please no IDE flames - Netbeans is really easy for beginners.

Claudio Veas wrote:
> Hello my name is Claudio Veas Im from Argentina and I have successfully
> installed Tomcat 5.0.28 if Im not mistaken. This is the first time with
> Tomcat so I wanted to ask you people which should be my first step into the
> world of web applications you know ( JSP, EJB) but ima total newbie in all
> this so if you can help me start Ill apreciate it.
> Thanks on advance
> Claudio Veas
> PD:
> Im from Argentina and My english is not so good so excuse any mistake in my grammar 

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