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From "Robert Graf-Waczenski" <>
Subject RE: Debugging Tomcat hangs
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 14:26:57 GMT
OK. Well, feel free to attach your stack dump then. Some curious
soul (including myself if i had the time) may either see the
problem immediately or use your own stack trace to guide you
through it.


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> From: David Boyer []
> Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 4:03 PM
> To:
> Subject: RE: Debugging Tomcat hangs
> I understand synchronization and deadlocks. I'm just looking
> for some guidance. (1) Based on the problem I've described,
> is an analysis of a JVM thread dump a good next step for
> diagnosing the hang, or else what would be and (2) are there
> any resources that would be helpful with that analysis (e.g.
> something that I can use as a tutorial for understanding
> everything the dump contains).
> In the broader sense of looking at this as a JVM hang, I
> realize that's going to be OT. On the other hand, there are
> elements of this for which some insight from other tomcat
> users-perhaps some of which might have resolved similar
> issues-is very relevant.
> >>> 8:56 AM 10/18/200518/2005 >>>
> > If I generate a dump of the JVM using Ctrl-Break while
> > running Tomcat as a console app, what's the best resource for
> > interpreting this? I suspect the problem is a thread
> > deadlock, or something similar.
> This tells us that you succeed in getting a JVM thread dump and
> you are asking for help about how to analyze a JVM thread dump, right?
> Doing this is an art. It requires that you understand thread
> synchronizationm, the Java monitor concept and many other
> nontrivial things.
> Where are we supposed to start? (I'm not saying that this list
> is not supposed to help you, but if we have to start explaining
> Java synchronization and deadlocks, this would very probably
> be way off this list and i'm far too lazy/busy to dig this deep...)
> Robert
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