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From "Mauricio Fernandez A." <>
Subject RE: Server Access Log and Request Information
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 21:38:34 GMT

If i understand what you want, you can do something like this.

you can define a logger for each page (I think you have jsp`s), that causes
that every record on the log file has its logger name on the log file.

example: (if you are using log4j)

your jsp´s must be like this: (yourJspName = your jsp name, that is to makes
every log has the jsp name in the log file )

<%@ page import="org.apache.log4j.Logger" %>


	Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(yourJsp1Name.class);"this message was writed from yourJsp1Name.jsp");

and your log file will be like this:

2005-10-21 23:20:52,275 INFO  org.apache.jsp.jsp.yourJsp1Name_jsp - this
message was writed from yourJsp1Name.jsp

I think this can help you identify which object are from which page but how
to construct the table you want I think it is your problem analisys where
you can find the answer.

Mauricio Fernández A.
Ingeniero de Sistemas
U. Autónoma de Manizales

-----Mensaje original-----
De: TK []
Enviado el: viernes, 21 octubre, 2005 20:44
Asunto: Server Access Log and Request Information

I am looking for ways to associate each object recorded in the log file with
the corresponding page requested. Say, for example,
 Page A contains objects p, q, r, s
Page B contains onjects x, y, z
 Requests for pages A & B, and objects p, q, r, s, x, y & z will be recorded
in log file.
 How could I identify p, q, r, s are embedded objects for page A while x, y,
z are embedded objects for page B?
 By doing so, I hope I could construct a user - accessed pages/objects
 Thanks in advance for any advice and comments.

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