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From "Bandak, Mark" <>
Subject Issuing HTTP requests from inside JSP under Tomcat
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 14:25:59 GMT

I'm relatively new to the world of Tomcat, but ...

Have locally 'made' (make) Apache 2.0.54. Binary Tomcat 4.1.29. Locally built mod_jk (1.2.14).
Platform is Solaris 9.

Have a vendor supplied JSP application. Runs beautifully under Tomcat 'standalone'. 

Need to add to an existing server already running Apache on 443. Added 'my' Apache, Tomcat
connector (mod_jk - ajp13).

Got that all working.

However, the application, in web.xml and 2 'properties' files, has references such as: http://localhost/path/update.jsp
for example. As stated, under Tomcat standalone, this causes no problems.

But I find that with Apache -> mod_jk (ajp13) -> Tomcat - that these references 'do
not function'. From a Tomcat (vhost) log file ...

Error making connection to:
TAPP_SERVLET: Redirecting to

(TAPP_SERVLET - the 'vendor supplied app' ... and this 'redirect' DOES work ...???)

So, I've tried: localhost;; and numerous other permutations including pointing at
the ajp13 port (8009).

I see NOTHING in the Apache logs, the above messages are from a logger in Tomcat. So, it appears
to me that since Tomcat is already 'servicing' this application (via ajp13) - that there is
some problem with issuing an HTTP request from inside the JSP in Tomcat? I have JkLogLevel
set to debug, and I think I see it 'processing' this request, but then can't quite figure
out what's happening ... the above error comes after a long period of 'sitting at the hourglass'
(browser) ... so gather some timeout is coming into play ...

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Need more info? Trying not to send 'too much' info ...

Many thanks ...


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