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From Jay Thompson <J.Thomp...@NAU.EDU>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5.12 - Why does app undeploy when war file deleted
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 19:33:45 GMT

OK...I've answered my own question...but just in case someone else needs 
the answer...

"...the Tomcat 4 <Host> attribute named liveDeploy has been renamed 
autoDeploy in Tomcat 5,
and the Tomcat 4 attribute named autoDeploy has been renamed 
deployOnStartup in Tomcat 5.

So, to stop the behavior, I needed to change the host lines that read:...


to read...


Note: You have to explicitly set autoDeploy to "false"  because it defaults 
to "true" unless
specified otherwise (I left the unpackWARs line in there just so it's clear 
what to set).

With these settings, war files deploy only on startup...then, later, if the 
war files are removed,
the deployed application stays.


At 07:42 AM 10/21/2005, Jay wrote:

>I have been running Tomcat 4.x for about a year. When I wish to deploy a 
>war file, I...
>- Copy the war file to it where it belongs (keeping original war file on 
>another storage server)
>- Restart Tomcat
>- Wait for successful deployment
>- Delete war file  (to save disk space on tomcat server)
>Now, when I use the same approach under Tomcat 5.5.12, as soon as I delete the
>war file, Tomcat "undeploys" the application. Is there a way to config TC 
>5.x to not do this?
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Jay Thompson
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Northern Arizona University
School of Forestry
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