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From David Wall <>
Subject Re: TC 5.5 practical limit on number of webapps it can support
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2005 17:08:03 GMT
Tom Burke wrote:

> George
> Is this the same application 65 times over, one per virtual host? Or 
> 65 different applications?
> Tom Burke

This is a good question, if it matters architecturally within TC.  In 
our scenario, we will have a single host (perhaps more, but the initial 
idea is to use the common domain name and it's SSL cert) that will 
incorporate lots of webapps within, such as: (ROOT web app will be a small, informational set 
of pages)

Each of the "AppN" webapps will use the same set of JARs in their 
respective WEB-INF/lib (we're not sharing them through the common class 
loader to alleviate version issues across each custom webapp), but will 
also contain custom code most likely deployed as either a JAR or simply 
in the WEB-INF/classes area, with the choice most likely depending on 
whether the webapp has lots of classes or not.


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