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From David Wall <>
Subject TC 5.5 practical limit on number of webapps it can support
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2005 17:41:06 GMT
Is there any practical limit to the number of webapps I can run in a 
single instance of TC 5.5?  We would like to use TC 5.5 to support a 
large number of custom web apps developed for others who then want us to 
also host that web app (some will host themselves, but most are small 
enough that they'd want to use our secure/https web server).  By putting 
each customer into its own web app, we can deploy/undeploy each web app 
without affecting the others, which is really wonderful.

Is there any practical limit?  Will it support 10, 100, 1000 web apps?  
Are there any resource leaks or other issues I need to be aware of?  
Each web app will likely be pretty small (2-10 web pages), with some 
having its own database while others having no database.


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