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From "Darryl L. Miles" <>
Subject Can you intercept the default Servlet ? stack servlets ? forward to specific class ?
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 14:50:36 GMT

I would like to change a sub-tree (/subdir) of my web-app so that I run 
every request runs through my own default servlet (for a security check) 
then if it drops out of the bottom I wish to forward to tomcat's default 

Does Servlet technology allow the stacking of servlets, so mine can be 
innermost and get first choice on creating a response or doing nothing 
and letting the next outermost servlet have a go with the request ?

Can I forward the request I'm holding to a specific servlet class ?

What config changed to I need to make to web.xml ?  I'm thinking i just 
create my new servlet and declare a servlet mapping of the containing 
directory tree "/subdir/".

Do you have any advise about the situation that I might find useful?

Many Thanks


Darryl L. Miles

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