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From James Rome <>
Subject SSL Error : Please HELP
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:59:52 GMT
I tried putting 
in the Windows 5.5 GUI startup tab under arguments and Tomcat will not start

How does one get this to work?

You can pass the option '' to the Tomcat 
startup, (either set JAVA_OPTS to it if you are using startup.bat, or add it 
via the tomcat5w.exe GUI if you are using the service).  It will give you 
tons of information about the SSL negotiations from the Tomcat side.  If the 
problem doesn't pop out at you, post the results to the list, and maybe 
another set of eyes will see something.

Iannis' answer below is the most likely answer to your problem, without 
knowing more about it.

"Lalit Batra" <> wrote in message
yes it was typing mistake. I use https://localhost:8443/ Netcape 7.0 works,
IE 6.x Works but Mozilla and Netscape 8.0 fails.


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