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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: Sudden JVM crashes - a Tomcat problem?
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:17:09 GMT
Did you try downgrading your jvm to 1.4.2_08?
also it may be that doomdark uuid class mess something in memory, but
if i recall well, the only jni call in it is to read the network card
mac adress.

Could it be it contains jni calls to a 32 bit library while your system
is running
a 64 bit jvm?
Robert Sösemann a écrit :

>we have a really tricky problem while running our web-application:
>The JVM crashes from time to time for no apparent reason.
>There seems to be no direct relation to any user-action, 
>method-call or whatever.
>We've checked the JVM crash dumps, but were not able to find
>something suspicious. The only ideas we've come up, were the 
>usual suspects: JNI-calls and JDBC-Type2-drivers.
>This is our current setup:
>- JVM 1.4.2_09 on Linux SuSE 9.3
>- mysql-database 4.1.14-max with 
>- mysql-connector-java-3.0.14-production driver
>- postgresql-database 8.0.3 with postgresql-8.0-312.jdbc3 driver
>The only JNI-calls that I know of, is through some 3rd party
>UUID-library from "org.doomdark.jug". Maybe the forementioned 
>jdbc-drivers contain JNI-calls, despite being Type4-drivers.
>I've also checked a bunch of mailing-lists and it seems there
>are some outstanding bugs in hotspot, that may trigger the 
>crash. Does anybody have more information or a workaround for this?
>Who can help? Thanks in advance!
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