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From Peter Johnson <>
Subject Re: Systems Architecture Pros and Cons
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 09:07:54 GMT
Let's just say there are complex rewrite rules and funky virtual hosting 
happening with some requests being proxied through to Tomcat. Yes yes 
mod_jk or mod_jk2 should be being used however apparently when they were 
originally testing the connectors they found them to continually fall 
over after two days and no-one on the mailing lists etc at the time was 
able to provide a solution. It has since been demonstrated that they are 
stable but hesitation still exists.

Leon Rosenberg wrote:
> Then Option 1.
> But just out of the interest, what do you need the apache for? And if
> you do, why don't you separate your "i-need-an-apache-to-manage-this"
> webfarm, from your "java-web-app+static+content" webfarm?
> leon

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