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From Dean Hiller <>
Subject Re: SessionListener invoked sometimes and not others
Date Sat, 08 Oct 2005 20:48:33 GMT
My web app has two servlets. One JSF Faces servlet and another servlet 
for processing AJAX requests from javascript. I want to know when the 
app starts and when the app is done. Is the only way to do this is to 
have a ServletContextListener listening to both those servlets? On the 
first one, I get resources and on the last one being cleaned up, I 
destroy the resources. I guess this works. I just wish I had access to 
the app lifecycle.

Mark Thomas wrote:

>>From: [] 
>>So after a restart of tomcat, I login and it appears the 
>>session is still
>>valid, so it does not go through my session listener.
>>I need to be aware of the web application lifecycle and want to grab a
>>resource when the webapp starts and release when the web app 
>>goes away. 
>>How do I do that?
>Use a ServletContextListener.
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