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From "Darryl L. Miles" <>
Subject Re: Database connections aren't being released...
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 02:29:42 GMT
Richard Road Runner wrote:

>I am not sure that this is a Tomcat issue, but we are not sure what exactly is causing
our problem.
>We are running Tomcat 5.0.27.  We are using the most recent jconn2.jar driver to connect
to a Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 7 database via JDBC.
>Over a period of time, the number of connections to the database continues to increase
far beyond the possible number of users.  The only way to close the connections is to restart
the database server.
Are you using DBCP ?

I have an issue with 5.5.9 and DBCP shipped with it I found 2 weeks 
ago.  I would describe my problem as DBCP is not "reusing database 
connections when it should" but it instead creates a new one, until the 
SQL server has too many connections (or your DBCP hits upper parameter 

With TC and MySQL I can confirm this by logging my database handle close 
and watching what happens with "SHOW PROCESSLIST" sql command on the 
server.   Each request needs 1 database connection and the logging 
should confirm it returns (releases) the connection back to DBCP pool.  
I have followed this path with the debugger and got inside DBCP to prove 
the release takes place.

I had put down the problem and just configured up my DBCP parameters to 
expire old connections as fast as possible and up the maximum limits.  
This wont work for me in production, maybe I switch to C3P0 connection 
pooling at that time.

Its just so difficult to help out and nail the problem with TCs 
refactored and repackaged DBCP, I would very much appreciate an SDK 
version of the full TC package that includes all source in the JARs.  I 
am doing a CVS build.xml now, but I think this will be for 5.5.12, I 
just need to work out how to fix the version for a 5.5.9 release and 
compare the two trees to maybe try and nail this one, or at least 
confirm the blame here is with DBCP.

Darryl L. Miles

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