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From Kyle>
Subject Re: Getting tomcat instance information into webapp
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 13:03:22 GMT

David Kerber wrote:

> Then how do I isolate the instances of tomcat (and their respective 
> server.xml's?  Do I need multiple installations of tomcat on my disk?
Start each 'instance' of tomcat with separate CATALINA_BASE env. vars. 
This enables a different server.xml for each instance thereby allowing a 
different connector port for each instance. As for the webapp, you can 
still re-use the same code via the docBase and appBase variables by 
specifiying absolute paths. (read RUNNING.TXT with your install)

Does that work?

Alternatively, IF you can use the scenario where the users are 
connecting to the same app, but under different sub-directories of your 
domain, e.g.;

Then, you can still have different contexts and/or realms (if 
necessary). But in this scenario, you wouldn't need multiple instances 
running on different ports would you? Just the one instance listening on 
the one port, with TC (as far as TC is concerned) serving up different 
webapps which all happen to point to the same absolute docBase/appBase, 
just with different jdbc connection params in their respective contexts 
connecting them to their relevant database. Surely, that's an acceptable 
solution if the only difference in your scenario is to have them 
connecting on different ports. This way there are also less ports open 
if in a secure environment.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: etc. etc. etc. i.e. I may not have the faintest idea 
of what I'm talking about and everything written above should be taken 
with a pinch of salt until proven to work AND perform in your environment.

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