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From Kyle>
Subject Re: Getting tomcat instance information into webapp
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 02:54:24 GMT
Ah! Yes.

See! I did mention I wasn't an expert. :)   Yes, multiple instances, in 
my outlaid scenario equates to multiple installs. Whereas, multiple 
running instances doesn't necessarily.  Sorry.

Let me have a think about that for an hour or 4. 

How do you tell tomcat which port to listen on unless you have separate 
server.xml's (with defined connectors) each mentioning the port on which 
TC should listen?


David Kerber wrote:

> You have multiple instances of tamcat running. This means you will 
> have multiple server.xml's (meaning multiple "Engine"s in which you 
> can set up your multiple realms and direct each different realm to 
> whichever db you want to direct it to. As server.xml is unique (in 
> std. format config.) to a tomcat instance, you have complete control 
> over which port-instance looks at which db.
> Then how do I isolate the instances of tomcat (and their respective 
> server.xml's?  Do I need multiple installations of tomcat on my disk?

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