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From Leon Rosenberg <>
Subject Re: RTE - Meridian Club <>
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 15:53:17 GMT
However, back to the original point, is there a way to remove
autoresponders from the list? I think the list is owned (among
others?) by Mark Thomas  <>, so he, or whoever owns
the list should be able to remove autoresponders from the list.
It's just annoying to adjust the filters twice a week.

thanx and regards

On 10/7/05, Glen Mazza <> wrote:
> Arup misunderstood Leon's message and thought he lazily wanted others to
> unsubscribe him.  That was his main error.  But in fairness to Arup,
> flames can be called for when people ask to be unsubscribed from a
> technical mailing list that 1000's of other people are subscribed to.
> People making such requests are usually either newbies who need to be
> jolted (and also thereby jolting/informing other newbies about to make
> the same request, keeping the ML free of additional requests), or by
> rather lazy people who know how to unsubscribe but don't want to bother.
>   The latter type might actually feed on the "kid glove" approach that
> David may be inclined to recommend.
> Glen
> David Short wrote:
> >
> > Arup needs to work on his social skills.  We're all here trying to help each
> > other, not to attack each other.
> >
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