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From "Matthew Clark" <>
Subject RE: Systems Architecture Pros and Cons
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:30:01 GMT

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> From: Peter Johnson []
> Sent: 13 October 2005 10:03
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: Systems Architecture Pros and Cons
> > It will depend a great deal on the nature of your application and
> > many end users you think you may have.  Also, how will you manage
> > storage/database (internal to the 5 boxes, external array, two extra
> > boxes on fail-over etc)?  Is your application read heavy or write
> Why? This discussion assumes that data access impact is negligible.
> lets assume that the data is available locally on every box as text

I never assume anything! 

> > Also, will your users be connecting securely using SSL/TLS & what
> > of load balancer will you use out the front (and will it have SSL
> > accelerators)?
> How would this affect the choice between the options?

Well only in that once an SSL connection is established, if the SSL
session is with Apache rather than an SSL accelerator, then the user is
"bound" to the server with which the session was established for all SSL

So depending on the way you configure apache & tomcat, this may affect
your decision.  

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