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From philip brown <>
Subject www user - freebsd chown permissions
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 08:08:23 GMT

I am running FreeBSD - Tomcat 5.0.3.

I am running Tomcat as user "www".

I am administering freeBSD-Tomcat as "phil" which is
in "www" group.

I see that most, if not all file permissions are:

rwxr--r-- www www

ie. as "phil" I can only read these files as I am in
"www" group. 

I do not wish to administer as "root".

Now! Should I "chmod" these files so user "www group"
has "write" - "execute" to them, or is this insecure?
This involves me su-ing to modify each time. Is there
an easier way?

Please advise and thank you.

User "Phil"


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