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From "Yassine ELassad" <>
Subject Re: SSL question
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 16:03:26 GMT

hi i'm not sure if this will help you but i have hade a quite similar issue :
i have passed a full URL a param Vlaue in my web.xml something like 


both http and :8080 are specifying a differnt port number than the ssl port so
if you are performing such a call you better change it into /MyServlet/  and the servlet conatainer
handels everythings else for you 

i hope this helps

Greeting from Cologne


-------- directBOX Reply ---------------
From: RaueberHotzenplotz ( 
Date: 04.10.2005 17:55:03


I've got a servlet which works fine when using http. But when I want to access
it through https I get a certificate unknown exception. Why does
https://localhost:8443 work in a browser but accessing my servlet (with java
client)  not? Do I need to make my servlet SSL aware? Using another secure
webserver works with my client. Hope someone can help.


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