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From "Daniel" <>
Subject Re: outputstream.flush() hangs at 32K
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2005 09:39:46 GMT
Wrap it in a BufferedOutputStream
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From: "Daniel" <>
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Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 5:03 PM
Subject: outputstream.flush() hangs at 32K

>I have a servlet on TC 5.5.9 that services a page with applet content that 
>will reguire three GETs to complete the page 1) basic page, 2) applet jar 
>and 3)image.  The basic page GETs served OK and the browser comes back with 
>a GET to request the JAR file which is modestly large (150K) so I attempt 
>to chunk the output (8K chunks).  I read the file into a 
>ByteArrayOutputStream to get the real byte count as usual, then setup the 
>headers before starting the write, then loop on [write a chunk, flush 
>chunk], but the flush hangs at the 32K mark every time (actually, the next 
>flush after the previous 32k mark was hit).  I've set the response buffer 
>size to be larger than the byte array but it still does not help.  I know 
>sometimes output sockets need to be flushed, so I added a response.reset() 
>as the first step, but does not help either.  Looks as though the browser 
>(IE) can't handle the large chunked stream or the response.flush() is not 
>being translated to output to the browser.  I would have thought setting 
>the content type to application/x-java-archive would be suffient to tell 
>the browser how to handle it, but who knows.  Any ideas or experiences?
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