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From "Daniel" <>
Subject outputstream.flush() hangs at 32K
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 21:03:35 GMT
I have a servlet on TC 5.5.9 that services a page with applet content that 
will reguire three GETs to complete the page 1) basic page, 2) applet jar 
and 3)image.  The basic page GETs served OK and the browser comes back with 
a GET to request the JAR file which is modestly large (150K) so I attempt to 
chunk the output (8K chunks).  I read the file into a ByteArrayOutputStream 
to get the real byte count as usual, then setup the headers before starting 
the write, then loop on [write a chunk, flush chunk], but the flush hangs at 
the 32K mark every time (actually, the next flush after the previous 32k 
mark was hit).  I've set the response buffer size to be larger than the byte 
array but it still does not help.  I know sometimes output sockets need to 
be flushed, so I added a response.reset() as the first step, but does not 
help either.  Looks as though the browser (IE) can't handle the large 
chunked stream or the response.flush() is not being translated to output to 
the browser.  I would have thought setting the content type to 
application/x-java-archive would be suffient to tell the browser how to 
handle it, but who knows.  Any ideas or experiences? 

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