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From "Tracy Spratt" <>
Subject RE: JK Connector with IIS
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 19:10:50 GMT
I am a rank newbie with this stuff, so please correct any nonsense!.

First, can you not achieve your fist goal using the context
specification in the file?  If tomcatapp2 is not
in one of the specified contexts, you should not be able to access it.

Second, To get a tomcat app to act like a default page in IIS, you can
use default.htm for example, and in its properties specify "Redirection
to an URL", then specify the URL to the Tomcat app, using
"". Be sure default.htm is
the first in the list in IIS.


-----Original Message-----
From: Joe Plautz [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 11:51 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: JK Connector with IIS

We're are successfully using the JK connector between IIS 6.0 and Tomcat

5.0.28 to forward on requests. We starting to run into some 
configuration "issues" that I haven't seen any documentation for. I 
guess I don't truly know what is possible so I thought I would ask.

Is there a way to configure the connector so that 
can only redirect to a specific tomcat web application and have only point to a different tomcat web 
application all together. It appears that once a web site on IIS is 
setup with the redirector filter it will pass through to what ever 
tomcat application is there.

So, for example would pass on, but would not.

Next, is it possible to setup the connector so would

go straight into an application.

As an example, I could use and not have to type in

Finally, IIS is where the SSL certificates are located. What I would 
like to do for some applications is force http traffic to https. In IIS 
I can shut down http access, but in some instances I don't want to do 
that and would like to redirect it into it. If I were to use a 
<security-constraint> and set the redirect to the secure port on IIS 
would it redirect to IIS or would it choke?

Thanks for any help,
Joe Plautz

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