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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject [OT] RE: Installing Tomcat 5.5 on Fedora 4 via Yum
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 13:05:51 GMT
> From: Caldarale, Charles R [] 
> I've never understood this fascination for fooling around 
> with 3rd-party
> packaged versions of Tomcat, rather than using the unadulterated
> originals directly from the Tomcat download site.  The 
> process couldn't
> be much simpler: download, unzip/untar, run.  What am I missing?

That some people trust packaged versions for their OS to install more
reliably than un-packaged versions, to have been compiled using a
consistent set of library versions, or otherwise believe them to have
been blessed by the OS maintainers.  In the case of Tomcat, I'm with
you; but that's the exception, as I know it's pure Java.  I would be
cautious of downloading an arbitrary compiled application and trying to
run it on an arbitrary Linux distro, simply because of the library
version problems that plague Linux as much as Windows.

		- Peter

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