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From <>
Subject JK ChangeLog
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 07:08:59 GMT

There is a strange view in the JK ChangeLog page.

I guess the "Changes from the released JK 1.2.13" section contains JK1.2.14 fix/updates too.

Should I consider "Changes from the released JK 1.2.14" are

-34397: Emergency was handled as Error. (jfclere)  
-34474: // in URL were not handled correctly with Apache-1.3. (jfclere)  
-Use 64 bits int for transferred/read bytes.  
-Added JkOptions +FlushPackets used to optimize memory usage when sending large data. (mturk)


More JK1.2.14 fix/updates to be in ?

Toshiya Kobayashi

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