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From Acácio Furtado Costa <>
Subject RES: Problems with gzip compression with Apache/Tomcat cluster and Firefox
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 19:27:22 GMT

We're having problems to configure gzip using TC559/Apache Cluster...

We moved the compression="on" and others gzip declarations from "connector 80" to "8009" in
all Tomcat Servers but it seems that Apache isn't serving "gzipped" html...

Do we also need to make any "gzip" configurations (mod_gzip?) in the Apache Server itself?

Thanks in advance!

Acacio Furtado Costa
Pesquisa e Tecnologia

GIA - Magnesita S/A
((0xx31) 3368-1349

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De: B.J. Guillot [] 
Enviada em: sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2005 13:15
Assunto: Problems with gzip compression with Apache/Tomcat cluster and Firefox

We have recently been experimenting with enabling gzip/deflate compression via our Apache/Tomcat
cluster, but have encountered some problems with the way the compression works with the Firebox


When Firefox brings up a compressed page for the first time, it looks fine.
If they reload a static html page, bizarre things start to happen.  In some cases, garbage
just gets displayed on screen (looks like the actual gzip encoded stream), and other times
Firefox displays a dialog box asking if you want to download the html files.  When IE is used,
it works fine.


Some background: Running two-node Tomcat 5.5.4 cluster using JK2 2.0.4 protocol to communicate
back to Apache2 2.0.52 for load balancing.  Browsers tried were Firefox 1.0.3 and Internet
Explorer 6.0.


If I use Tomcat's gzip compression alone with Firefox, it works fine.  It's only when we through
in Apache and JK2 into the mix with the cluster that Firefox displays charged.  It seems to
be an issue related to the way that compressed pages get cached.


I'm not sure if the problem lies with Tomcat, Apache, JK2, or Firefox itself.  Can anyone
provide some pointers?  Thanks.



B.J. Guillot


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