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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: How to change the SSL port
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 03:32:13 GMT
> From: CommonGround Softworks/Phil McNamara 
> [] 
> Subject: RE: How to change the SSL port
> It would seem to me that this demonstrates that I am editing 
> the correct server.xml instance.

Agreed.  Sounds like something else has grabbed or disabled 443,
especially since the Tomcat log shows a bind failure.

> Possible that apache or a ssl module has already 
> done a "bind" internally to 443?

Highly likely.  Why are you running httpd?  Unless the vast majority of
your response pages are pure static content, Tomcat by itself will
probably be faster (and certainly simpler to set up standalone).

> Ran Netstat and nothing obvious jumped out at me.

What platform are you running on?  For Windows, try netstat -a -n -o and
see if there's anything listening on 443, and if there is, use Task
Manager to relate the pid to a running program (might be a service).  I
don't have access to a modern *nix system at the moment, so I can't
suggest much for that environment, other than checking iptables.

 - Chuck

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