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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Can't change servlet path
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 03:27:19 GMT
> From: David Thielen [] 
> Subject: RE: Can't change servlet path
> 1) Why is this forced in server.xml when otherwise we are 
> supposed to put everything in our META-INF?

You should consider the use of <Context> in server.xml as merely a
migration mechanism from older Tomcat versions.  The path attribute has
to be used in this situation, since there is no other means of
determining the application name.  For the other two cases, the
application name is derivable from either the location or the name of
the .xml file.

> 2) In this case, is the context.xml in my META-INF used also? In other
> words, should I put the JDBC <Resource> node in the <Context> node in
> server.xml or in my context.xml?

You simply shouldn't have a <Context> tag in server.xml (see above).

> 3) While /abc now works, /store still does too. Is this by design?

I suspect that your app has actually been deployed twice - once for each
of the <Context> instances you have.  I believe the normal way of
handling a single app that you want to use under multiple path names is
to have trivial secondary apps that merely forward requests to the real
one.  (Others may have better solutions, since I primarily work on the
inside of the JVM, not on J2EE apps.)

 - Chuck

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