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From "Raghupathy,Gurumoorthy" <>
Subject RE: How to get name of Engine a servlet is running in?
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 14:34:14 GMT
What yo uare doing is a very tomcat specifi thingy ... Use JNDI variable to
do things ...


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From: Joe Reger, Jr. [] 
Sent: 02 September 2005 15:26
Subject: How to get name of Engine a servlet is running in?

I'm trying to gain access to the name of the Engine that a servlet is 
running in. In most cases this will be "Catalina" as configured in the 
/conf/server.xml file. But when another Engine is configured, say 
"CatalinaTesting", I need to get that name instead.

I've tried to navigate the methods and classes from:

but I haven't been able to find the Engine name in any of the attributes or 

Is there any way to get it? 

Actually, all I really need is a small string that's unique to each Engine 
configured on the server and stays the same after application 
deployments/restarts. What I'm currently using is code that grabs the last 
two directories in the root app path and concatenates them... something like

"webappsROOT" or "webappsTestingROOT". It's unique, but ugly.



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