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From "Eickvonder Bjoern" <>
Subject large content directory out of the webapp
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 08:39:59 GMT

my webapplication consists of a rather small set of classes, jsps and so
on but has got a rather large content directory (some GB). My problem is
now if I want to update only the application itself but not the content
by uploading a new war-file I nevertheless have to upload the content
I cannot use a combination of Apache and Tomcat, letting Apache serve
the content (and thus using another docbase) as this content has to be
protected by a security-mechanism of the application.

Is there any way to store the content data out of the webapplication
directory but still being able to serve those files to the client? Of
course I could write a servlet to do this job, but what about the
performance if every request to a file goes through a servlet that looks
for the file in another directory, parses it and then sends the stream
back to the client? Anyone solved this problem that way and got any
positive or negative experience?

Or is it better to leave the content where it is and just update the
application incrementally? If yes has anyone got a good hint how to
manage this update process without the need of doing this manually (i.e.
deleting old files, jsps, classes and uploading new ones)?

Bjoern Eickvonder

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