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From David Kerber <>
Subject Multi-level context paths possible in TC 5.5.9?
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 17:46:59 GMT
I am trying to migrate a webapp from SilverStream 3.7.5 to Tomcat, while 
keeping the same URL for my users.  Right now, they hit it at<port>/level1/level2/Login.jsp, where level1 is a 
database name, and level2 is a name we assigned.

The .war that provides the content is called SiteData.war, so when I 
deploy it to tomcat, it shows up at context path /SiteData.  I would 
love it if Tomcat could present the same stuff at the /level1/level2 
path.  If I have to deploy it as individual files instead of in a .war 
file, that's ok to, as would be other mods to path names, etc.  If 
someone could just give me some hints, I'd be very grateful.

BTW, I spent several hours googling and searching newsgroups, and found 
nothing showing multi-level context paths, so I don't even know for sure 
if it's possible.


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