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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: tomcat caching issue
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:31:32 GMT
Based on everything written so far - there is no evidence tomcat would be 
chaching anything.

I'd suggest placing as much debug code in your code as possible via a logging 
pacakge such as log4j/commons-logging so the log information can be turned on 
via configuration directives.


Santosh Asbe wrote:

> Hi All,
> I need your help for this problem very urgently.
> I have tomcat 4.1.30 on Linux. It servers as a web server and contains only
> JSP & Servlets. We make a remote call to Websphere Application Server ( on
> AIX) using corbaloc like 'corbaloc::ip1:2809:ip2:2809'. Now when i one of my
> App server fails, the other App Server server should take over. This work
> when i use a simple java client on the Linux machine, the failover occurs.
> But when i use my application in tomcat, this does not work.
> I am using a Service locator ( singleton) which makes the initial call to
> App Server and stores in the ip cache. initially we that the issue was with
> the Service locator, but then even if i don't use this Service Locator, the
> problem persists.
> We have talked to IBM and they say that the tomcat does some caching and the
> problem is not with the App Server. Has anyone faced this issue? Can anyone
> help regarding this and how can i know how and where the caching is done?
> Can this issue be resolved.
> If any other information is required, i will be glad to provide with the
> same.

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