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From "Joakim Ahlén" <>
Subject Re: Webapp deploy on windows
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 08:57:04 GMT
Thanks for your reply,

I looked into bug 10026 and found out that there has been some issues 
with dtds stored inside jar-files, which is exactly our case. This is 
the first time i've actually came across some type of cause for this 
problem, so i'll look into this further before i start digging into 
tomcat fundamentals.This might be of real help to us.

Does anyone else have any experience with storing dtd:s inside 
jar-files? We're using LAX (Lazy API for XML) along with the java 1.5 
xml parser. Seems like the bug could originate from one of those packages.


Mark Thomas wrote:

> Joakim Ahlén wrote:
>> I'm not trying to blame anyone for not fixing this issue, (well, 
>> maybe i'm laying some blame on those who thinks this is _not_ a 
>> tomcat issue..) however, i am really interested in having this bug 
>> fixed, and i am prepared to put some effort and time into it myself. 
>> To do this, though, i need the help of someone who knows more about 
>> this problem.
> As far as I am aware, the Tomcat code correctly closes all the files 
> it opens. However, we are dependent on a number of third party 
> libraries that might not be as well behaved. See bug 10026 for an 
> example of a typical situation.
> If you want to put some effort into this the best thing you could do 
> is create the simplest possible test .war file that demonstrates this 
> issue so we can take a look at it. If the anti-locking features of TC5 
> (which are better than TC4) don't fix it then we can look to see if 
> there is anything that can be done to improve things.
> However, please remeber that this is fundamentally an OS issue, not a 
> Tomcat one, and the fix may well be outside of our control.
> Mark
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