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From "Joakim Ahlén" <>
Subject Webapp deploy on windows
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 05:58:52 GMT

For quite some time now we've had problems redeploying webapps on 
windows. The problem is that often, some .jar-files in the WEB-INF 
directory of a webapp is being in use by tomcat, and can therefore not 
be removed in order to hot-deploy this webapp without restarting tomcat. 
There are a few anto-locking features that can be enabled in 
context.xml, but these do not fix this problem entirely.

The problem started occurring some time in the tomcat5 era (worked fine 
in tomcat v4 and lower).

We have a system with ~70 webapps running, and we have a need to 
redeploy webapps on a daily basis. Because of this, we have had to 
schedule our deploys at nights and weekends just to avoid having to 
restart tomcat. We are also investigating running multiple servers with 
load balancing partly to resolve this problem.

This has been a topic on the list several times for the past year or so, 
and is often discarded as "file locking issues in windows" by 
developers, therefore stating that nothing can/has to be fixed in tomcat.

Is anyone working on the issues with the current tomcat version not 
being able to hotdeploy webapps on windows?

Is this still regarded as a problem with windows rather than with 
tomcat? If so, how come it worked fine in tomcat < 5.0, and how come 
sysinternals "process explorer" shows that tomcat5.exe has a file handle 
open to these affected jar-files? It seems to me that this is a problem 
of tomcat not closing its file handles properly. The cause is most 
likely windows, i agree on that, but something has to be done to make 
this work even on windows if tomcat still wants to have official support 
for windows. There must be some kind of workaround.

I'm not trying to blame anyone for not fixing this issue, (well, maybe 
i'm laying some blame on those who thinks this is _not_ a tomcat 
issue..) however, i am really interested in having this bug fixed, and i 
am prepared to put some effort and time into it myself. To do this, 
though, i need the help of someone who knows more about this problem.

So.. how much is known about this problem, and is there any work being 
done to resolve it as of now?

Kind regards

Joakim Ahlén

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