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From Jilles van Gurp <>
Subject Re: Configure multiple number of aliases / sub-domains
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 11:18:30 GMT
Assaf wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Thanks again for the answer. BUT my problem is not the
> hosts file. That works fine. My issue is as follows:
> I have multiple hosts (as in TOMCAT HOSTS) running on
> the server. Each is mapped to a different context/
> application. I need to be able to map ALL subdomains
> to the same application as the www. subdomain.
> Currently I have in the server.xml file:
> <host name="">
>    <alias></alias>
>    <alias></alias>
>    <alias></alias>
> </host>
> It is not practical to have a list of all subdomains
> (which in this case are aliases) in the server.xml
> file as they are dynamically created and deleted.
> Looking forward,
> Assaf
You might let apache take care of virtual hosts and simply set the host 
tag to localhost and let apache forward requests via the jkconnector. 
All requests will be handled by the default host of your application 
(localhost) and you can examine the request in a servlet to distinguish 
between the different domains.

If you need multiple applications, each with multiple hosts, simply add 
service tags with their own host tag and connector tag(s) and use a 
different jk port for each connector (or a different http port for http 



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