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From Edmund Urbani <>
Subject Re: cross context info
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 11:27:22 GMT
Alain Gaeremynck wrote:

> I have 2 webapps living on the same server and they are linked to the 
> same user experiance..  Now both apps require login but i don't want 
> my users to have to login on both apps.  Also while they are browsing 
> in one context i don't want the session to expire for the other context.
> so the question is  Is there a way to do session.setAtribute in one 
> context and retrieve it from another and also to link the 2 session so 
> that they don't expire or expire at the same time?
> i'd like not to have to use hidden iframe and stuff like that
> thanks!
with tomcat there's also a different approach to this problem using the 
SSOValve (org.liland.tomcat.valve.sso.SingleSignOn). however, in order 
to use this valve, the webapps need to let tomcat handle the 
authentication (see or
depending on your webapps this kind of setup may be anything from 
"simply a matter of configuration" to impossible.


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