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From Jilles van Gurp <>
Subject basic authentication problem 5.5.9
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 07:44:42 GMT
Hi I suspect I am running into this bug in tomcat 5.5.9 which has been 
solved in tomcat 5.5.11 and I was wondering if there is a workaround:

Let me first explain my situation. I have a webapplication which we use 
in production on multiple sites on tomcat 5.0.28. We have a major 
version upcoming in a few months and want to take the opportunity to 
move to tomcat 5.5.x (several technical reasons and not much going on on 
the 5.0 branch). We need a stable version of course (our customers don't 
like alpha stuff) and 5.5.9 appears to be it for the moment.

Yesterday when I tried our web application in 5.5.9 it mostly worked as 
far as I could see. The only thing that didn't work was that our admin 
context was no longer password protected. I spent quite some time 
rechecking the configuration (which works fine on 5.0.28). Quite 
annoyingly the server.xml has a different, semantically equivalent 
notation for defining user databases but that was easy to fix. Still no 
luck. Then I searched google and eventually came up with the bug above 
which might explain things. The simple workaround there of defining a 
null user or a "" user didn't work though. To confirm I was running into 
a (solved) bug I tested on 5.5.11 and indeed authentication works fine 
there with identical configuration.

So my question is threefold:
- Is the bug above the problem I am running into or is it something else
- Is there a workaround for it in 5.5.9.  We can't support alpha 
versions on production sites so we need this fixed in the stable release.
- If the answer is no, we'll have to put off support for 5.5.x until 
there is a stable version with the fix (and hopefully no new issues): is 
there a rough time schedule when that might happen?



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