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From "Darryl L. Miles" <>
Subject DBCP problems with Hibernate
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 19:40:17 GMT
Jason Bell wrote (under Re: Source code for naming-factory-dbcp.jar ?):

>Have a look at Commons DBCP.
>Hope this helps.
Yes thanks.

I've a problem, that with Hibernate 3.0.5 and TC 5.5.9 using DBCP I am 
quickly seeing exhaustion of connections.  With the default settings I 
can see 4 active connections with "SHOW PROCESSLIST" under MySQL.

I've managed to trace the code path from Hibernate during close of 
handle back into TCs DBCP code, so the close is being called.

How do you go about enabling DEBUG / TRACE output of DBCP under TC ?

Does anybody know of a TC 5.5.9 distibution in SDK form, that is with 
source and class files in the jars to help debugging this sort of 
problem, I've attempted to rename and attach source files in Eclipse to 
see whats going on but have found the line numbers out of sync.

How do you find out exactly which version of DBCP TC ships with ?

FYI my META-INF/context.xml:

<Resource name="jdbc/label" auth="Container" scope="Shareable"
        driverClassName="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" username="generic"
        password="generic" maxWait="3000"  />



Darryl L. Miles

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