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From David Wall <>
Subject Re: AJP connector maxthreads problem
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2005 04:15:40 GMT

> 1) We have only a moderately busy site with about 500 new visitors 
> entering from outside every day, so it would have thought it would be 
> fairly difficult for them to use up all the 75 connections at the same 
> time, but I do have some programmes that create their own threads, 
> though in a fairly limited way. In your expert view are 75 jk2 
> connections sufficient for this kind of moderate use, or is it likely 
> I've some kind of problem I've got to get to the bottom of?
> I've been through my recent new applications, and there really is 
> nothing that could have created this problem recently.

It sure sounds like something is not releasing the threads.  In low 
volume sites, having 75 concurrent requests would be high.  It sounds 
like they are not being properly released when done.

> 2) I've set connectionTimeout=20000, which seems to be what everybody 
> else was setting it to, can I reduce this without any problem? It 
> seems quite long, 20 seconds, why hang on to connections for so long, 
> or is there a lot of overhead in creating them?

I believe this value is how long Tomcat will wait to receive the actual 
HTTP requests after it establishes the connection.  So 20 seconds is 
more than adequate.  Making it too low may cause people are slower dial 
up or the like to get problems.

> 3) If I want to, can I increase my max connections to 125 without any 
> qualms? - This would appear to be the simplest solution here.

That would certainly work, but if you are running out because threads 
are not being released, it just means you'll run out later than before.

Good luck,

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