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From Jon Wingfield <>
Subject Re: Do URL query strings with semi-colons work with TC ?
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 09:17:35 GMT
Aye. It just states for that, amongst others, amphersand and semi-colon 
are reserved characters within the query string.

This got me looking coz I assumed that the structure of the http get 
query string was defined somewhere in rfc rather than just a convention.

I found a few resources saying it was recommended to support ";" as a 

But I also found the likely candidate in TC that does the parsing of the 
query string:

Just for my peace of mind does anyone know where the "standard" use of 
amphersand to delimit name-value pairs in a http get query string is 


Darryl L. Miles wrote:
> section 3.3 seems to be the best 
> reference so far.
> This RFC only specifies correct URI syntax, it does not mandate how that 
> URI is used under any scheme (like "http:") is to be used.
> Darryl L. Miles wrote:
>> The reference you cite (el al) 
>> maybe you could also cite the section I should look at.  A simple 
>> search for "param" or "semi" yeilds no related results.  I have spent 
>> an hour looking into the issue over the weekend and found the 
>> specification that covers the URI scheme for "http:" from this angle 
>> it seems to leave the part after the ? to denote the start of a query 
>> string vague.  Which lead me to a presumption that it was HTTP server 
>> dependant on its interpretation, since for example the modules 
>> changed over from & to ; as the standard param delimiter with 
>> generated URLs, providing the resulting URL talks back to itself (the 
>> module) all will be well in the world but if it links to a TC 
>> server then there would appear to be a problem.

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