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From David Haynes <>
Subject Re: JSF Please Help with a simple question thanks ???
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2005 11:39:01 GMT
Bovy, Stephen J wrote:

>Thank you for the clarification ...
>So is Tomcat 5.x using the appache MYFACES ???? 
>Which version of jsf is included/supported by tomcat 5.x ??? 
>Is there any difference between the Sun version and the appache version
>Stephen Bovy
>Computer Associates
>6100 Center Drive
>Suite 700
>Los Angeles, CA 90045
>Tel: (310) 957-3930
>Fax: (310) 957-3917
It's not really a question of Tomcat using MyFaces or JSF RI - they are 
really independent technologies which can work together. You choose 
which one you want to use based upon your needs and any company policies 
which might apply. Both support the same API (JSR 127). Try thinking of 
it this way. Both MyFaces and JSF RI offer you a library (jar) of 
methods which allow you to develop JSF format web pages. Each library 
offers the same standard set of capabilities - the JSR 127 API. Each 
library is written and supported by a different group. Both will run on 
Tomcat (or any other reasonable application server) since both are 
written using Java.

To integrate either with Tomcat, you simply download the library, add it 
to your project's classpath, and then write JSF-specific web pages to 
take advantage of the JSF technology.

You might find this (JSF 
Central's FAQ) to be helpful as a starting point.


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