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From Assaf <>
Subject Re: Configure multiple number of aliases / sub-domains
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 09:20:08 GMT
Hi Tom,

Thanks again for the answer. BUT my problem is not the
hosts file. That works fine. My issue is as follows:

I have multiple hosts (as in TOMCAT HOSTS) running on
the server. Each is mapped to a different context/
application. I need to be able to map ALL subdomains
to the same application as the www. subdomain.
Currently I have in the server.xml file:

<host name="">

It is not practical to have a list of all subdomains
(which in this case are aliases) in the server.xml
file as they are dynamically created and deleted.

Looking forward,


--- Tom Burke <> wrote:

> The Hosts file is hold-over from the pre-DNS method
> of finding IP 
> addresses. Basically, there's a file - 'Hosts' -
> that holds addresses, 
> in the format:
> domain_name    ip_address eg
> At one time this was the only way that machines on
> the Internet knew the 
> addresses of other machines, and a new Hosts file
> would be circulated 
> (by email) to all the sysadmins who managed
> connected hosts. (Google for 
> 'Jonathan Postel' if you want to know more about
> these early days.) 
> Obviously, DNS has replaced all this, except that
> Hosts remains - in a 
> Windows system you'll find it in:
> [windir]\System32\Drivers\Etc
> In Linux/Unix I think it's still in /etc ; I
> remember frantically 
> editing /etc/hosts on many systems in the past!
> So this is all a part of server-name resolution
> within networking, not 
> Tomcat.
> Tom

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