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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: Why doesn't my context work?
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 18:56:45 GMT
> Here are the contents of
> home.xml:
> <Context path="/user" appBase="/home"
> docBase="michael/webspace/webapps"
>         debug="0" privileged="true">
> </Context>

>From the documentation for Tomcat 5.5.9 at

The Document Base (also known as the Context Root) 
directory for this web application, or the pathname
to the web application archive file (if this web
application is being executed directly from the WAR 
file). You may specify an absolute pathname for this 
directory or WAR file, or a pathname that is relative 
to the appBase directory of the owning Host.

If you've not changed server.xml, then the appBase is

Rather than using a combination of appBase and docBase

in your context file (and I don't think appBase is
appropriate in a context node - at least in 5.5.9),
you could use an absolute path for docBase:


This means that the following URL would potentially

The next issue is one of permissions.  If you're on a
UNIX machine, make sure that 


is readable by the owner of the process running
Tomcat.  Otherwise you'll not be able to serve the

Finally, I notice that you're going directly at this

Unless your Tomcat is configured to run on port 80,
you will be hitting any web server that is running,
and not your Tomcat server.  By default, Tomcat serves
http on port 8080.

In order to get Tomcat and Apache talking, you'll have
to do a lot more work.  This involves getting mod_jk
(or mod_proxy) built and installed, configuring Apache
httpd.conf,, and possibly
server.xml (although the default server.xml already
has the ajp 1.3 connector configured).

I hope that starts you down a more productive path.


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