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From Trond Hersløv <>
Subject RE: web.xml, <url-pattern>
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 21:44:18 GMT
Thanks a lot for clarifying that. At the bottom you say: the servlet spec.
Im reading "The J2EE 1.4 Tutorial", for Sun Java System Application Server Platform. Isnt
Tomcat the referential project for this technologi?

Can you please be so kind and explain what the servlet spec. has to do with configuring the
deployment descriptor.

Could you give me a link to the servlet spec?

Thanks again,

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From: Mark Thomas [] 
Sent: 12. september 2005 20:17
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: web.xml, <url-pattern>

Trond Hersløv wrote:
> But, if I try using wildcards, eg. <url-pattern>/*foxer</url-pattern it doesent
work anymore.

Correct. Wildcards are not supported for mapping paths. Read the 
servlet spec for more details.

> If I try to map the servlet so that it seems like a jsp-page <url-pattern>/foxer.jsp</url-pattern>,
it doesn't work at all.

Also correct. There is a server-wide mapping for *.jsp (wild cards are 
supported for extension mapping) in $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/web.xml

> In the book I also read that I should be able to access the servlet even if it's not
mapped up in web.xml. Ofcourse this does also not work.

This is using the invoker servlet, which is disabled by default.

> Who can explain how to use the <url-pattern> and maybe tell me where I can find
some documentation on how to configure web.xml

The servlet spec.

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