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From Michael Sullivan <>
Subject Why doesn't my context work?
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 17:52:26 GMT
I wrote in yesterday asking about how to map certain directories to
tomcat contexts.  When nobody answered me I did some Google research.  I
didn't find much that made sense to me.  I prefer man and info pages to
what I found.  Anyway, I created a file called home.xml
in /opt/tomcat5/conf/Catalina/localhost.  I made home.xml by copying
admin.xml and altering it.  Here are the contents of home.xml:

<Context path="/user" appBase="/home" docBase="michael/webspace/webapps"
        debug="0" privileged="true">

If I understand this correctly, when I ask for, Tomcat should deliver to my browser
the contents of /home/michael/webspace/webapps/index.jsp.  I restarted
Tomcat and went to in my browser.  I
got a Tomcat 404 Resource Not Available error.  Why?  Do I not have the
syntax of my context tag right?  I would think that this would be a
pretty basic thing to do, but maybe not since no one has answered me.
What should I do?  I've looked over the Tomcat docs on the website and as I said there are no man or info

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