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From CommonGround Softworks/Phil McNamara <>
Subject Fwd: Re: How to change the SSL port
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 21:28:32 GMT
>On 9/15/05, Hassan Schroeder <> wrote:
>> CommonGround Softworks/Phil McNamara wrote:
>> > The tomcat log does show a bind error message after my server.xml edit to
>> > port 443.
>> >
>> > Sep 15, 2005 10:37:07 PM org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol init
>> > SEVERE: Error initializing endpoint
>> > Permission denied:443
>> Are you starting Tomcat as root? Doesn't look like it...
>See for details, just do the
>same but for 443 not 80.
>Jason Bainbridge

Reworked to post to the list:

Thanks Jason,
I did a trial start of Tomcat as root to pin down if the failure to bind 
to 443 as a priviliged port was the problem.  Seems so.  The tomcat log 
now shows it can't find the keystore -- expected since that file is 
stashed in the normal starting user directory and tomcat didn't know 
where to find it when started as root. Log doesn't show a failure to bind 
to 443. So some progress....

I looked over info in the link above and compiled jsvc OK.  Am unable to 
start Tomcat as a daemon though per the script referenced


./bin/jsvc \ -user $TOMCAT_USER \ -cp ./bin/bootstrap.jar \ -outfile 
./logs/catalina.out \ -errfile ./logs/catalina.err \
-Djava.endorsed.dirs=./common/endorsed \ -Dcatalina.home="$CATALINA_HOME" 
org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start

I'll have to do some tinkering. 

the catalina.err file shows the following:

jsvc error: Cannot continue
dyld: ./bin/jsvc dead lock (dyld operation attempted in a thread already 
doing a dyld operation)
jsvc error: Service did not exit cleanly


Phil McNamara
CommonGround Softworks Inc.

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