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From "Richard Burman" <>
Subject RE: Pre-compiled JSPs?
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 15:45:11 GMT

Is there no way of turning the fragment (jspf) file into .class files or
do they need to remain as JSPs?


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From: Tim Funk [] 
Sent: 06 September 2005 16:14
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Pre-compiled JSPs?

 From the jasper task all the [valid] jsp's are turned into java files
compiled into class files. Those class files need to be a jar file in 
WEB-INF/lib or inside WEB-INF/classes. The jasper task can also rewrite 
web.xml so that all the mappings from the JSP --> class file are taken
care of.

Once all the jsp's are compiled and mapped in web.xml. They can be
from the deployment war file (or dir).


Richard Burman wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> Yeah, that's my exact issue, except the pages somewhat more
> than your example. ;o)
> I've tried renaming one of them to jspf and, unsurprisingly, it has
> ignored by the JSP compiler. I'll have to take your word that it would
> still work in the parent (once the reference had been changed to point
> to jspf, not jsp) as I don't have a test bed up and running at the
> moment.
> Okay, so we've ascertained how to avoid the 'fragments' being compiled
> because they're effectively not valid JSP pages because they use beans
> that are never declared within themselves. The 'parent' page will
> compile because it has all it needs to be compiled but the fragment
> cannot be compiled without the presence of the parent. Does this mean
> that I can only include the 'parent' JSPs in my JAR file and included
> my web.xml? Do I have to keep the fragments as raw JSPs in my webapp,
> then? I'd really rather get them all together in a JAR, if possible,
> which is why I'm on this voyage of discovery! :o)

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