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From "Parsons Technical Services" <>
Subject Re: Problem making my servlet the default servlet (instead of ROOT)
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 04:44:56 GMT
> If I do <Context path="/" docBase="store"., then
> http://localhost:8080/cart.faces  returns an error 404.
Yep. It will. Since you are using the path attribute I assume this is in the 
server.xml and to set it as the root you would use "".

" If you specify a context path of an empty string (""), you are defining 
the default web application for this Host, which will process all requests 
not assigned to other Contexts. "

If this is not in the server.xml then remove the path attribute completely. 
Name your package ROOT.war and deploy it. (Someone correct me if I am wrong 

> I figured it should be "/" and not ""?

No. See above.

> If I do <Context path="" docBase="store"., then it works. But.
> http://localhost:8080/store/cart.faces works
> http://localhost/store/cart.faces works (via IIS)
> http://localhost:8080/cart.faces works
> http://localhost/cart.faces - error 404
> Any idea why the error only if using the root?

I don't use IIS but I would say it is a configuration issue in the 
connector, as you are connecting to two different apps in the first two URLs 
than you are in the last two. And since both :8080 URLs work then Tomcat is 

Out of curiosity is there any particular reason you are using IIS and not 
Tomcat alone?


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